Brain Friendly Companies

The psychological capital of its workers is one of the most important values a company possesses. In fact, the value of human resources, as everyone in the sector knows well and...


Dr. Kerem Dundar’s

Corporate Speech Titles

The brain
of the leader of the future

The future of the mind

Brain friendly companies

Resilience in the business world

Emotional Well Being

The economics of behavior, and decision making processes

Team culture, minds that work together

Is in our brain

Your brain in a transforming world

Feeling successful in the business world

The science of happiness in the brain

The mental

codes of success

Learning processes and brain training in the future

Dr. Kerem Dundar’s

Sector Specific Speech Titles

Banker Brain

Marketer Brain

Client Brain

Doctor Brain

Patient Brain

Retailer Brain

Creative Leadership

Therapist Leadership