Brain Friendly Corporate Workshops and Consultancy

Neuro Leadership

These are practice-oriented half-day programs that aim to get leaders to understand first their brains and then that of their employees. The leaders will then either accompany or guide the behavioral transformation so that they can direct the psychological plane that emerges in the environment, and through this they increase their leadership capacities at competence level, independently of their authorities in their business life. Generally speaking, the training initially focuses on individual expression, combines currently available knowledge on leadership with neuroscience literature, and then it proceeds with relevant examples. This training session prepared for middle and upper-level managers discusses many different scenarios and presents clues on how a neuro leader evaluates, perceives, manages, and solves issues.

Neuro Human Resources

This workshop program focuses on the formation and the development of an organizational culture, in which the human resources department internalizes current neuroscience knowledge and manages the perceptions of the workers rather than their physical conditions, and conveys information to the leader. This half-day workshop focuses on neuroscience equivalents of current assessment practices including scientific literature specific to the human resources department, while in the psychological front it focuses on areas such as the redefinition of the responsibilities of the administration concerning human resources and how it can better contribute to the managing of processes. The workshop combines practical examples with Dr. Kerem Dündar’s experience and analyzes them.

Neuro Sales and Marketing

Mutual neuro sales and marketing for sales and marketing departments These workshops expose the brain of the client, explain the behavioral bases of sales, clearly define the perceptual and physical content in the client brain, and explain the active practices as well as the impasses of the neuro marketing literature. This training which has been illustrated with enjoyable examples, has been planned to empower sales and marketing leaders and teams, and to increase their work performance and capacity to create work. This content which features experiences and examples obtained from sales personnel of many different sectors was designed with a sales and marketing perspective, independently of sectors, and is available for interested parties as a half-day activity.

Feedback and Institutional Culture

This workshop series focuses on the feedback culture and its mental equivalents, scientifically explains why the culture of feedback fails, and rectifies misunderstandings in this field. This scientific and practice-oriented workshop series aims for the formation of an organization that will constitute the infrastructure of a company-wide cultural transformation, and that can share information. In this half-day workshop, Dr. Kerem Dündar, who possesses individual consultancy and academic experience, studies special cases from companies, discusses many unsuccessful corporate situations and practices solution development.


In addition to speeches and workshops, Dr. Kerem Dündar also provides services for corporate teams. He proposes solutions based on academic knowledge and practical experience from the field, especially for problems that may occur in companies during the cultural transformation process. The duration of the consultancy and the content of the sessions are determined according to specific needs of the company and the entire process is designed around this.